Classic Rock By Frank Cadillac
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Magic Of Love

      Classic Rock is Frank Cadillac and Cadillac is Classic rock at its height.
                                    IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD IT YET.? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR.?
                                    Genre: Rock: Classic Rock
                                    Recorded at R.E.M. Studios   Woodcliff Lake, NJ
                                    Copyright 2003 BMI  Released on Rocky Song Records

1)  X Generation                       

 2) Fade Away To The Sun     

 3)  Walkin' The Streets          

 4)  Solitary  Confinement      

  5)  Can't See Her                     

  6)  Show Me                              

  7)  Mixed Emotion                    

   8)  Remember  Love             

   9)  Magic Of Love                   

  10) Summer song                

  11) Highway To The Stars     

   12) Chasin' Rainbows         
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