Classic Rock By Frank Cadillac
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I Need Mercy

recorded at R.E.M. Studios
Rocky Song records
copyright 2003 BMI
        I Need Mercy           Performed  by  Frank  Cadillac  And  The  Elvis
                                                                                      Project  featuring  Frank  Cadillac  on  lead  vocals  and  guitar
                                                                                      Robert  Melosh  on  lead  guitar, Carl  Lundgren  on  bass and
                                                                                      Christopher Trembath on drums.
                                                                                      Recorded  at  R.E.M.  Studios  in  New Jersey.
                                                                                      All songs were written by Frank Cadillac.
                                                                                     I Need Mercy was released on Rocky Song Records,
                                                                                     a New York City independent record label. owned by Joe Morrison.
    1)  Your Letter                               

    2)  No More Lies                   
   3)  Lil' Edie                                

   4)   Losin' Game                   
  5)  Magic Carousel                  

 6)  When You're Gone            

7) I Need Mercy                         

8) Sickened                            

9)  Elvis Rocked The Civilized World   

10) Her Eyes                            

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