Classic Rock By Frank Cadillac
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Americana: Bronx, NY

"Americana:Bronx, NY " was originally produced by KP Devlin in 1995 at Smash Studios and mastered at Sears Sound, both located in New York City.

Waiting for copyright documentation before release, an intern at Sears Sound accidentally placed the 24-track master in a shipment of 2-inch tape slated for baking at Sandhill Studios in Liverpool, England. No one knew where the master went, and Cadillac was devastated. But after nine years of backtracking through international waybills and shipping manifests, Cadillac discovered the master still in Sandhill’s vault, completely intact and unchanged since the day it was recorded in 1995! Cadillac immediately had the master shipped back to the United States, and after careful handling and rejuvenation, the reel was spooled back onto production machines where it could be heard once again.

In February 2008, Cadillac decided to augment the recording by adding the drums of Pete Montana, another local Bronx legend, and the soulful guitar of Robert Melosh, owner and engineer of R.E.M. Studios where the updated 2008 version was mastered. Even with its updated sound, the flavor of the 1995 Bronx, New York sound scene is still present, making it a true addition to what most people call, Americana.

"Americana: Bronx, New York\" by Frank Cadillac & Friends is an Indie/Americana/Rock album.

Sincerely--- Joe Morrison


1)  Andrea's Song                                        

2)  Running From The Past                           

3)  Little  Edie                                              

4)  Magic Carousel                                    

5)  Chasin'  Rainbows                               

6)  Song To The Pilgrim                                

7)  She's  My  All                                                      

8)  When You're  Gone                                

9)   Poem To The Devil                                             

10)  Can't  See Her Anymore                        

11)   X   Generation                                           


Frank Cadillac is a songwriter, film actor, and a veteran of the New york City rock circuit. he has appeared in films like Summer of Sam,directed by Spike Lee and written by Victor Colicchio, Kalipolis and shutterbug  which were  written and directed by Minos Papas
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