Classic Rock By Frank Cadillac
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A Moment For Elvis

  A Moment For Elvis

This album is a compilation of eight original songs compiled by five artists,The Elvis Project.The artists featured on this album are: Frank Cadillac,Victor Colicchio (who wrote the screen play for Summer Of Sam,directed by Spike Lee),Robert Melosh from R.E.M. Studios in New Jersey,Rocky Piluso,and Thomas Acosta.
each artist contributed an original song either praising Elvis Presley or in the genre of music which he catalyzed during his era,but with a modern flavor. The style of this album is a strange mix ranging from Americana to Rockabilly and Punkabilly.
Originally the concept for this album  was generated by David Peel (leader of  the band known as David Peel And The Lower East Side). In the 1970's David Peel was on Electra Records after which  was signed  to Apple Records, a record label formed by The Beatles. He also backed up John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band with his band David Peel And the Lower East Side. Peel later
formed the Indie label, Orange Records, in the late 1970's .

The Ballad Of Elvis

I Think I Just Saw Elvis

Elvis Has Left The Building

Elvis Rocked The Civilized  World

Freakin' Out  In  Tennessee

Rock  ' N ' Roll  Revolution


Walkin' Out

Frank Cadillac is a songwriter, film actor, and a veteran of the New york City rock circuit. he has appeared in films like Summer of Sam,directed by Spike Lee and written by Victor Colicchio, Kalipolis and shutterbug  which were  written and directed by Minos Papas
The music is free to download,however it does take funds to keep a site up and running. Feel free to donate any amount you like through Paypal


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