Frank Cadillac is a songwriter, film actor, and a veteran of the New york City rock circuit. he has appeared in films like Summer of Sam,directed by Spike Lee and written by Victor Colicchio, Kalipolis and shutterbug  which were  written and directed by Minos Papas

Classic Rock By Frank Cadillac
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Frank Cadillac is a veteran of the NYC Rock Circuit/Songwriter/Film Actor


Illumination by Frank Cadillac And Friends

1) Illumination    

2) History Repeats Itself 

3) Wild  & Crazy 

4) Actress 

5) Turn You Loose 

6)  Living With Love 

7) Alone In Da  Gutter 

8) Smarten Up 

9)  Edge Of The Bizarre* 

10)  Love Chant # 5  

11)  Tangerine Madness 

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Frank Cadillac And The Elvis Project

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Best Classic Rock since John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, & Muse

Press Release by John Christopher

Classic Rock is Frank Cadillac and Cadillac
is Classic Rock at its height
Great music from a brilliant Artist and songwriter
who took his time and created meaningful lyrics
and great melody lines with today's edge.
Frank Cadillac's five albums are the
catalyst that will change the
way we listen to music in the 21st century.
Here's what some people are saying about his music:

John Resler Program Director of CYBER STATION USA in Hartford, CT
"Quality Music is hard to find. It is here!!!!!!
When you do a radio-show you want the guests and their product to be of the highest

quality. If you except anything less you damage yourself sometimes beyond repair. Frank

Cadillac and his music of such high quality that everytime Isuggest he will be on Naked

Jazz Dream the numbers of listeners jumps immediately. People look for quality still

despite what the rest of the commercial world thinks. And when the name of Cadillac is

applied the quality is assured. I stake my show on it everytime and it has not failed me

yet. Consider this too, I am known for Jazz and I still draw an audience with Frank

Cadillac so he has to be good.

Paulina, Los Angeles CA
"I have had these blasting in my car for like 6 mos, I kid you not!"

Anonymous Coward, New York City
"These five albums albums: "Magic Of Love", "I Need Mercy","Fade Away To The Sun","A Moment

For Elvis",and "Americana: Bronx, NY" are by far the best music to hit the internet.I hope

there are intelligent ears out there who will listen."

Keith Bullock, Greenwich CT
Cadillac's "Magic Of Love", is a rocking experience !! If you've been into life
Magic Of love, brings thoughts to your head of what it's like to experience what we all

have, when it comes to honestly facing love and it's twists and turns in life. Cadillac is

honest in lyrics, and compleately raw in music !! Definately a MUST to a collection of any


Tommy The Reporter Sidona, Arizona

Frank Cadillac's album "Magic of Love" not only crosses the fine line line between love and


" They say that there is a fine line between love and hate. Frankie Cadillac's album Magic

of Love on Rocky Song Records not only crosses that line but totally obliterates it beyond

recognition. Is it hate? Is it love? It's really almost impossible to say but one thing is

for sure; the 12 songs on his CD are pure rock poetry -- hard edged, hard sung and hard

played. A former member of the notorious punk rock band The Squirrels, Cadillac roughs up

each song with grungy guitars, guttural vocals and a New York attitude. Fellow musicians

Carl Lundgren, Marc Ward, Ztarr Zhyah, Steve Golden, Robert Melosh, and Elisha Marin help

bang up the numbers and raise the aggression level by more than a few notches. Aggressive

well describes Cadillac's style -- to the point, in your face, no frills, no excuses. His

songs tell a tale of disillusionment, frustration, anger, rejection, redemption, hope and a

yearning for love that always seems to be just out of reach; approachable, yet impossible

to truly grasp. Cross the Doors with the Sex Pistols and you get the idea. I enjoyed the

album from the first song to the last. If there's one thing that turns me off it's an album

where the songs lack individuality. Every song on Cadillac's new album stands by itself and

none sound the same as any other. Sound effects pervade many of them and at times are

annoying but not enough to distract from the poetry and depth of the music itself. For

those who like it hard, Cadillac's Magic of Love will satiate their appetite. Noteworthy

numbers are X Generation, Mixed Emotions, Highway To The Stars and Walking The Streets

Alone, an especially dark number about loneliness in Manhattan. "

Well that's the buzz going around about Frank Cadillac's music...
If you haven't heard it yet, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?

The music is free listening,however it does take funds to keep a site up and running. Feel free to donate any amount you like through Paypal

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